I was raised in a very traditional Italian family which taught me one very key point in life early on: Food brings people together. For as long as I can remember our weekly Sunday dinners, and by the way- Attendance is mandatory to this day: (Italian guilt has entered the chat). Everyone gathered in the dining room taking in the aroma of the pot of sauce and meatballs that would soon be served for everyone to come together, laugh, debate, bust balls, and be merry. When I was 14 my dad got me a job in the kitchen at a local catering business (Way back when child labor was accepted). It was there that a spark was lit. Little did I know it would later become, well…All of this! I want everyone to feel confident in the kitchen and know that with simple ingredients and a sharp knife, you can create meals at home that rival your favorite local restaurant. So grab a mopine and…

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