Kofta Burgers

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Kofta Burgers


Burger Ingredients:

Tzatziki Sauce Ingredients :

Burger Fixing ingredients:

Instructions: Kofta Burgers

In a medium size bowl combine all the tzatziki sauce ingredients then season to taste with salt.
Place in the fridge until you are ready to use.
Next in a large bowl, combine all the kofta burger ingredients and form into 1/4 lb or 1/2 lb
patties. Set aside.

Fire up the charcoal grill and cook the burgers for about 3 minutes per side or until cooked to
your desired doneness.
To build the burger: Toast your buns with a little butter then add some tzatziki sauce to the
bottom bun followed by a kofta patty, some red onion, tomato, and cucumber. Add some more
tzatziki sauce to the top bun and crown the burger.

Enjoy! Kofta Burgers

Kofta Burgers

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